Friday, May 1, 2009


I have watched only three of the six games in the first round NBA playoff series between the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics. They have lost all three. I have not enjoyed the experience. When the Bulls pulled off the surprising upset in Game 1 in Boston, I was sitting in a pathetically empty Nationals Stadium on a beautiful day watching Washington's purported major league baseball team blow yet another save against an overrated Marlins team and following the basketball game on my blackberry. When the Bulls evened the series in that ridiculous double overtime game last Sunday, I was at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History and following the basketball game on my blackberry. When the Bulls sent the series to a game seven in an insane triple overtime game last night, I was watching the Kills at the 9:30 club and following the basketball game on my blackberry.

And now I am embarrassed. Embarrassed to have to watch on replay some of the most thrilling basketball games that my Bulls have played in my lifetime. I was stressed just watching the highlights of the game after getting home last night. Bill Simmons captures what the series means to Celtics and Bulls fans beautifully in his frenetic recap of the match today. So, while I was ostensibly excited about attending DC United's match against FC Dallas tomorrow night, I will, instead, sit home and, perhaps, go four for four in cursing the Bulls to playoff misfortune.

There is a fifty-fifty chance that the Bulls will get absolutely demolished tomorrow night. And, yet, even if they are beaten badly in Boston, I will count down the time to Pacquiao-Hatton with fond memories of the first six games and what this Bulls team has accomplished. Game seven is, basically the Bulls' encore -- a performance demanded by fans with enthusiastic adulation. I've been to two of The Kills' concerts in the last year. At the Black Cat last year, their performance was incredible and the duo's encore performance had the crowd riveted. Yesterday, their encore matched the mood of the crowd, a little risk taking, a couple covers, but nothing that got the crowd to bounce. Still, through the twenty minute extra set, my mind kept wandering back to a great rendition of "No Wow" belted out thirty minutes prior. If tomorrow is the Black Cat performance, then... perfect. If tomorrow is the 9:30 Club, well, I'm grateful for just a few minutes more on stage by the performers, regardless of what they have on their set list.