Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Powder Puff

Georgetown's early non-conference schedule is not exactly daunting. After watching the Hoyas brutalize Lafayette on Saturday, we were back at the Verizon Center tonight to see them walk over Mt. St. Mary's. We'll probably be back on Saturday for the game against American, although American is having a horror-show of a season to date and 4 pm might just mark a massacre.

Other than Shawn Atupem's (#10) awesome hair style, there was not much in the way of entertainment to be had from tonight's game. Although at least two things are promising: first, at some point during the second half, Austin Freeman forewent an open three pointer to step up and shoot a mid-range jumpshot. That he missed is of little consequence. I had thought that the mid-range jumper was taboo in Hoyaland and was pleased to see it make a momentary comeback. Second, free throw shooting, at least amongst the guards, has improved considerably. Although Julian Vaughn's problems at the line will grab the most attention, Jason Clark, Freeman, Chris Wright, and freshman Vee Sanford look pretty comfortable at the line. Long may it continue.