Sunday, September 2, 2007

Good Day

Cubs win with inexplicably rare blasts from DLee and Aram; D.C. United torches the Hoops in Dallas as Fred continues to find the net; FoxSoccerChannel broadcasts the incredibly enjoyable North London/South London challenge between Tottenham and Fulham (to be known in the States from here on out as "Clint Dempsey's Arrival") and Charlton takes the South London derby to inch further up the league table.

My history as a supporter of the Addicks is too recent to be able to lay any claim to the joy that appears to have prevaded throughout SE7 from the result, but I have certainly enjoyed reading others express their thrill. I was not impressed by Todorov's early contribution to the squad, but am once again happy to learn the limits of my analytical ability. Wonderful way to tide over the two week break.

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