Saturday, February 2, 2008


When we ventured across the Atlantic to check out the kick-off of the Addicks' Championship season, the team on the pitch did not inspire great confidence. Weaver and Thatcher looked competent, Moo2kil and Sam showed promise, Semedo began to build his following, and Ambrose, Bent, Reid, and Todorov presented a lackluster attacking match on a poor Iron side. We had come to see a slaughter and left shaken by, as the OS put it, "a reality check on what lies ahead." After the disastrous start, however, Charlton has appeared to have found its form and appears to have settled into a promotion push.

And so, later today, with hopes renewed, Charlton will line up against Scunthorpe once again with a second chance to live up to the expectations of its supporters. Weaver, Moo2kil, McCarthy, Magic, Ambrose, and Sam will all likely find themselves again in the starting XI (with, perhaps, Semedo rejoining them), but the prospects for the team's attacking game seem to have been improved with the complement of ZZ, Andy Gray, and Varney taking the place of Bent, Toddy, and the "hefty hobbit."

I have marvelled at Pards deft work during the transfer window. Selling Reid for 4 million quid is, well, magic. Bringing Andy Gray in for 1.5 million pounds: magic. Adding the cover of Halford and Cook on loan: magic. Adding the depth and promise of Paulo Monteiro: magic.

While many may mourn the loss of the captain, I fear that Reid may be able to martial only marginally more games for Sunderland than Danny Mills gave Derby. The Addicks squad that takes the pitch against the Iron today is, in my mind, far more balanced than the team that started this campaign. Magic.

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