Sunday, October 24, 2010

If this is it...

Probably should have gone to see Maryland beat Wake Forest last night, if only to not have to see Morsink play again (if there is a way to go out, the giveaway that resulted in Toronto's game winner is a nice capstone to a season long career with DCU).

Not a lot of effort, not a lot of heart from United again and the fans that showed up deserve a lot of credit for putting loyalty above good sense and sitting through another abject performance.

But probably for everyone there, it was worthwhile to see Moreno's face at the final whistle. Although this was a terrible season to mark as his last and there seems to be no legitimate reason for forcing Moreno out on a schedule that is anything other than his own, none of this can take away from what he has done for the club and what Jaime means for its supporters.

Congratulations and thank you Jaime.

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