Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 to 0

A pair of three to zero results have made for a pleasant day.

I don't know if any Charlton supporter expected the squad to go away to Swindon Town and come back having given our playoff vanquishers of a season ago a drubbing. I did not and news of Joe Anyinsah's second goal caused me to give an audible cheer in the office today -- something quickly misinterpreted as having something to do with developments in the midterm elections. Paul Benson's goal had me even more excited as I have taken quite a shine to the player. I am very hopeful that the quality of his character will be rewarded with plenty of tallies during the league campaign.

I knocked off work in time to make it to Ludwig for a visit from the #17 ranked Tribe of William & Mary. Although we made it to the stadium in time, snacks for the little one were the first priority and we missed the decisive goal score a minute into the game. We were in our seats for the second goal -- the best we've seen from a Terp all season -- when Casey Townsend one timed a punted ball from Taylor Kemp into the left corner of the goal. Townsend should have had a brace but put a free shot directly into William & Mary's keeper. The rebound, however, led to the third goal.

London Woodberry was "injured" again for tonight's game and Ethan White was also out for the game. But the makeshift backline of Billy Cortes at right back and Greg Young slotting in next to Alex Lee in the middle did not give the Tribe many opportunities on goal. Even where the shots were put on frame, Zac MacMath was there to palm the ball away from goal.

Maryland dominated the match and William & Mary didn't seem to be in the same class. But my principal takeaway was that, as much as I enjoyed the game, I was glad to hear the final whistle, as it was really, really cold.

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