Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coming Home

It has been an interesting year for legends of teams I support and their transition into the coaching ranks.

D.C. United has tried to buy time and soothe supporters' frustration with the promotion of Ben Olsen to gaffer, one full season removed from his playing days. On the other side of the same coin, despite proving his mettle in every level of the minor leagues over multiple seasons, Ryne Sandberg was passed over for the position he most coveted in the Cubs organization for a man that would not be bigger than Jim Hendry and the front office staff.

Elsewhere, Lovie Smith's willingness to change has saved his job and two of the former Bears that might have been given serious consideration to replace him -- Leslie Frazier and Ron Rivera -- will now seek to put Smith back on the hot seat as head coaches of the Vikings and Panthers, respectively. And on the other side of that coin, the leader of the 80s era Bears defense, Mike Singletary, saw his coaching career come crashing to a halt accompanied by scathing reviews during a disastrous season in San Francisco.

Yesterday, Charlton announced that a legend had agreed to take the reins of a club in turmoil: Chris Powell. The enthusiasm of the majority of the club's supporters has been infectious and, in result, I renewed my subscription to CAFC player just to hear the new manager speak (I love the Player -- however darkly evil the commercialism of the venture might be, it is invaluable in facilitating following a third-division English side from across the Atlantic). Having watched his first fifteen minutes of interview as manager, I am sold.

This may well be a false dawn for the club. But it is light nevertheless.

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