Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Showtime II

DRose said he wanted to get out on the court and "try and go crazy."

He walked off having shot 10 for 20 from the floor, 14 for 15 from the free throw line, with 35 points, 8 assists, 3 blocks, 2 steals.

In between, an awful basketball game was played.

Bulls fans got to see Kyle Korver log the second most minutes in his brief history with the Bulls and Jimmy Butler introduced into the game in the second quarter to log his most minutes in his even briefer career with the team.

In warmups, Korver was incredible, netting nearly every attempt from the floor. Throughout the game, Korver was left largely open as the Wizards used his defender to help close down the paint. At some point in the second quarter, we were fairly confident Kyle was on his way to a 30 point night. But after missing his first attempt of the third quarter (he'd nailed virtually all of his warmup threes at halftime), Korver's opportunities dried up.

Butler was a body on the floor who fought through screens and used his length to disrupt shots. His biggest attribute last night was that he gave Ronnie Brewer a chance to rest during a terrible performance (2 for 10 from the floor, 0 for 3 on open threes, 2 turnovers, 2 assists).

Other than that, it was a miserable night at the Verizon Center. Bulls fans are not far removed from the Jerry Krause/Tim Floyd nightmare that engulfed the post-PJ/MJ/Pippen/Grant era and its not fun to see the current iteration of the Washington Wizards on the court. Wizards season ticket holders deserve better.

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