Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The Chicago Bears helmets that used to adorn the top of the living room bookcase have all been moved to the basement; in their place now rests three full-size Maryland football helmets.

Season ticket renewal letters were sent out last week and although I could barely use our allotment last season, we will renew and may even upgrade this year.

In the interim, every single whiny "I hate Randy Edsall," "I want Kevin Anderson fired," comment that I read or hear will get me even more fired up for the opener.

Is Randy Edsall a good football coach? Maybe not. I don't know.

At times last season, I watched the special teams unit and tried to recall, going back to high school, if I remember a team executing that poorly on so many important plays in the flow of the game. At other times, I saw a group of players that busted their rears through the waning minutes of games. Still, I don't understand how an evaluation of Edsall's tenure could be intelligently discussed as the consensus opinion regarding the Coach has been formed based off of WaPo's dislike for him, the complaints of reporters regarding his style, and a terrible inaugural record.

Two seasons removed from a 2 and 10 year and one season removed from a glorious trip to the Military Bowl for a game that drew less people than the one against Temple last season, it is de rigueur to vacuously pine for the days of The Fridge. Great. Best of luck. Sorry you are giving up your season tickets; but if that allows me to relocate for a better view without having to climb more stairs with toddlers in tow, thank you for taking that principled stand and God speed.

Two months until the Red-White spring game.

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