Monday, October 8, 2012

New Generation

Maryland's football campaign has been way, way more enjoyable than I anticipated.  The defense is loaded from front to back.  The offense was always going to have problems, but it is very charismatic.

Stefon Diggs may be better than advertised.  Kenneth Tate is back.  The Terps have won three games. Suddenly, I'm looking forward to Saturdays for reasons other than Charlton Atheltic.

There's probably a lot of interesting angles to cover about the game against Wake Forest, but with a day to reflect, one thing in particular stuck:  the play of Anthony Nixon.  The freshman from Pittsburgh was awarded a game ball for his special team play and Coach Edsall singled number 20 out for praise in his post-game comments.  From the stands, the only time I cracked open my Maryland Gameday program (featuring a profile of Mikey Ambrose and Dakota Edwards) during game action was to figure out the name of the kid playing flawless football in the secondary in the second half. 

Maryland is blooding a ridiculous number of freshmen.  The coaching staff has been forced to rely on young kids and remarkably many, like Nixon, are responding with aplomb.

On a related note, I've linked above to a couple of pieces from the Washington Post.  After spewing all that awful vile towards the Athletics Department and Coach Edsall last year, WaPo has pulled back and become a fun read.  All credit to young Alex Prewitt who is doing a terrific job covering Terrapin football this year.

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