Sunday, April 21, 2013

Inside Look

Another miserable couple of hours at RFK and it is now fashionable to malign D.C. United's management as not caring enough.

Don't believe it.

The club has done more to connect with fans this season than at any other time during our tenure as season ticket holders.  From the owners down through administrative staff, the message that is being conveyed is that the organization values its customer base.

On Saturday, we attended a training session opened up for STHolders.  For my daughter and I, it was a unique and awkward opportunity to see professional athletes prepare for a match.  So unique, in fact, that some of the staff noted that it was their first chance to see a practice as well.  And awkward because of the insight afforded into the inner workings of United's coaching and player personnel.  Stuff maybe you wish you didn't know or could forget... like, wow, this is exactly what I thought the coaches screamed at players... holy schikes, this season is going to be awful.

The timing couldn't be worse.  United's efforts to enhance fans' experience is simultaneous to an on-field product that insults the fans' (limited) knowledge of the sport.

It won't get better.  The talent level on the roster is fine.  It is good enough to win games in the MLS.  Injuries aren't a substantial limiting factor.  The answer is not better execution.  Better execution of a crappy gameplan is a well-executed crappy gameplan.

7 games, 4 points.

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