Monday, May 27, 2013

Doing the Maths

The face paint and dipping dots on offer for the Sporting KC match meant no problems convincing the family to spend a Friday night welcoming Rodney Wallace back to RFK.  More face paint and more dipping dots allowed me to see number 22's game winner and Darlington Nagbe's goal.

Neither kid asked to leave.  Instead, after watching Pajoy sky a beautiful ball from DeRosario that had unlocked Portland's defense, I decided I was not having any fun.  I left the stadium angry, along with hundreds of other supporters.

One story supporters appear to be trying to convince themselves of now is that a cheap and apathetic front office has handcuffed the coaching staff.  As if it would matter if more high priced talent was sitting on the bench.  This is a team headed up by someone who is incapable of figuring out how to play the highest-paid player on the roster with Carlos Ruiz.  This is a team headed up by someone who would not play Branko Boskovic or Hamdi Salihi while perennially taking shots at the Rapid Vienna alums perceived fitness deficiencies.

But, sure, the front office sucks for not tossing more good money after bad.

With the Galaxy's 4-0 drubbing of the Sounders, the single table for the MLS looks like this:

Rankings Team Points
1 FC Dallas 27
2 Red Bulls 25
3 LA Galaxy 23
4 Montreal 23
5 Timbers 22
6 Sporting KC 22
7 Houston 21
8 Real Salt Lake 21
9 Colorado 19
10 Philadelphia 18
11 Columbus 16
12 New England 16
13 Seattle 15
14 San Jose 15
15 Vancouver 13
16 Chivas USA 11
17 Chicago 8
18 Toronto 7
19 DC United 5

And if you do the arithmetic for the MLS salaries published by the Major League Soccer Players Union through May 1st -- conceding that this listing doesn't reflect recent transactions -- it is true that at the highest levels, large team salaries correspond with the top of the table:

Rankings Team Salary
1 Red Bulls $10,860,961
2 LA Galaxy $9,685,263
3 Seattle $5,958,812
4 Montreal $5,452,074
5 Vancouver $4,809,279
6 Toronto $4,710,844
7 Chicago $4,333,356
8 FC Dallas $4,244,861
9 DC United $3,906,064
10 Philadelphia $3,832,575
11 Sporting KC $3,783,882
12 Houston $3,648,642
13 Real Salt Lake $3,646,401
14 Columbus $3,615,002
15 Timbers $3,564,502
16 New England $3,482,085
17 San Jose $3,371,908
18 Colorado $3,371,325
19 Chivas USA $2,607,147

But it doesn't exactly dictate D.C. United's position in the league table.  If for some reason you support Chivas, you can complain.  But you'd still be rooting for a team that has twice as many points  as D.C. United, for a third less in salary.

Olsen's Army.

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