Saturday, July 19, 2014

Just the Bestest

Hey, Minnesota Vikings... why did you hire Littler Mendelson to write a hit job masquerading as a summary of the RKMC investigation?:
When the investigation was complete, in order to further maintain objectivity and integrity, the Vikings engaged a nationally-prominent law firm in employment matters and one of the top-ranked and recognized firms for diversity, Littler Mendelson P.C. and partner Donald Prophete, to independently review and assess the findings and provide a report to the Vikings from an employment law perspective.
Maintain "objectivity and integrity"!  How do you know that the anti-labor law firm will be objective and demonstrate integrity? Littler Mendelson is recognized for its "diversity"!

Isn't the point the Vikings are making here that because the organization hired a professional firm that prominently features minorities they are insulated from charges of being biased or discriminatory?  If so, is the fact that they pay minority attorneys the equivalent of a secular indulgence, allowing the rich and powerful to behave poorly towards the marginalized?

Probably not, as the Sterling/Snyder playbook requires not only hiring minority professionals as your hit men, but the purchase of real indulgences from secular dispensationalists:
In addition, as a continued effort to support human rights and anti-hate causes, the Vikings will make a total donation of $100,000 to LGBT rights charitable and educational organizations.
Never mind then.

The behavior and response of the Vikings organization, as set out on their own website, is profoundly depressing.  How you feel about Chris Kluwe's conduct is really immaterial to the Vikings behavior.  Ownership of an NFL team (or an NBA team, or a MLB team, or a MLS team, or a NHL team) is not license to be an a**hole.  And, yet, there are a number of professionals -- in the legal and public relations fields -- that signed off on this idiocy.

With the Redskins, that organization's awfulness is obvious to everyone.  A trivial test for where we are in terms of sports culture is how people respond to this gambit.

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