Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We missed Maryland's hammering of Duquesne last week and I was eager to check out how the Terps' legions would fare against Jersey City's finest. The match did not go according to plan and the team is likely very disappointed with the result: one goal against an inferior squad that was down a man for most of the game. St. Peter's freshman Bolivian goalie Carlos Suarez played a good game and made some great saves, but the inability to win by a more comfortable manner was more the result of some really poor finishing. Maryland managed 29 shots on goal and, while throttling St. Peter, only required Will Swaim to make one save. The lowlight of the game came when sophomore Matt Oduaran had a clean one on one against Suarez, went way too far wide to the right, and blew a gorgeous chance that should have been converted.

None of that, however, detracts from the enjoyment derived from being at Ludwig last night. With only 750 people in the stands, our lot moved to the seats next to the touch line. Through the first half, we were treated to some expert play from Drew Yates on the left side of the goal box. Yates routinely got himself into space and whipped in crosses that no one met. When finally Drew moved towards the top of the box -- an area where he has routinely drawn fouls and won free kicks -- his movement set up the only goal of the game.

In the second half, the entertainment was Ethan White and London Woodberry, with a sprinkling of Widner Saint Cyr. Ethan White is excellent. He's confident and devastating and was so untroubled during the match that he took the time to chastise a visiting St. Peter's fan for shouting insulting inanities at the referee. Separately, what Jeremy Hall and Rodney Wallace offered on the left side last year, Woodberry and Saint Cyr can do on the right this year. When Widner and London were on together attacks up the right flank demanded the attention of the handful of fans. The freshmen on this team are just very impressive.

Next up is the match of the regular season: UNC versus Maryland, Friday night.

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