Friday, September 4, 2009


One more comment on Wicks: the hand-wringing from soccer correspondents and some quarters of United's supporters regarding Josh's "disgraceful" behavior is maudlin and grossly overblown.

Having watched the fourth quarter of tonight's Boise State vs. Oregon match, let us contemplate what disgraceful behavior is: Byron Hout, a defensive lineman, embarrasses his Boise State teammates -- which beat a decent opponent on their home turf -- by seeking out and insulting LeGarrette Blount, the starting tailback for the Ducks. Blount responds by punching Hout in the face, quickly ending the trash talk. Hout got hit while a Boise State coach was trying to pull him away and chastising him for his lack of class. After the punch? When Hout regains his footing, he is blistered by the coach for insulting Blount. Blount, in the meantime, has to be restrained from going after Boise State students and starts shoving police officers trying to restrain him.

Blount's collegiate career is probably over. And maybe Blount is a hothead who was bound to detonate at sometime during his senior season. But for Hout's idiocy, it doesn't happen tonight.

Whatever might be said against Wicks' rash and stupid act, it does not change the fact that Montero is a wind-up merchant.

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